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Default theme represents a typical e-commerce web site. One of the best features on default theme is that it is developed using responsive design techniques and therefore makes it suitable for all devices (i.e. tablets and mobile) thus saving cost on multi channel strategy for your business. Theme incorporates features such as typical category and product pages, search and navigation elements, personal account management pages (profile, order history, wish lists, address management) as well as full set of checkout pages.


All templates are customisable via custom attributes at shop and category levels and include elements of CMS to add specific content and messaging, navigation elements and media to personalise the shop's unique look at feel. Thus several shops can use the same theme with own unique content making them visually different.

Additional templates can be developed to enhance product type specific category and product pages, which can be controlled at the product type, category and product level using 'template variation' parameter.

Default theme is designed to be the foundation for new themes and promote rapid development using theme inheritance mechanism. The anticipation is that creation of new themes will only involve overriding templates which are very different and inheriting most of the functionality from existing default theme. Furthermore HTML skeleton for existing page templates is very flexible thus customisation may involve only changing style sheets (CSS), which is also possible using inheritance mechanism. 

To put it bluntly it is possible to achieve a completely different look by simply creating a different css file for the theme.

Please refer to each individual page template documentation for configurations and content include elements.

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