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What is YC?

YC (YesCart) is an open source e-commerce platform licensed Apache v 2.0. It offers comprehensive range of functions in order to run a complete e-commerce and order fulfilment operation. 

Highlighting some areas: 

  • Product information management (PIM)
  • Catalog management
  • Inventory management
  • Price lists and taxation management
  • Marketing management including promotions, featured products, accessories configuration etc
  • Storefront (the actual front end) management
  • Bulk import and Bulk export
  • Customers management (CallCenter)
  • Orders and Payments management
  • Full fulfilment cycle support
    and many other features. 

The platform consist of three web applications: 

  • Storefront or SF for short, which is the customer facing web application, 
  • RESTful services for storefront and 
  • Mission control app (a.k.a. Admin app, a.k.a. Java/Angular Manager or JAM for short), which is the the administration application for the business.

SF is not just a single web shop but rather a generic platform for hosting many web shops. It can contain one or more actual e-commerce web sites. The decision on how many shops are serviced by a single SF is left to the Business owner. The benefit of having many shops under single SF is the ability to share all information across the platform and share customer accounts between sites to create a richer user experience.

JAM is the administration web application that allows to configure and manage all web shops serviced by SF. JAM consist of many sections each of which is dedicated to certain functions such as PIM , Catalog management, Inventory management, Marketing, Call centre and Fulfilment operations, Shipping, Fulfilment, Reporting, Bulk import and export of data, Business user access management and System configurations.

REST API provides all the same functions as the SF but it does not have the "customer facing part". This web app is specifically designed for easy integration with third party content management systems (CMS) or standalone applications (e.g. mobile apps).

Overall collaboration of business users and customers could be depicted in the figure A.

Business users use Admin web application in order to manage e-commerce channels and customers are able to access the channels from various devices connecting to storefront or REST services.

As can be seen from the diagram many organisations can access the same Admin thus allowing multiple organisations to work on the same instance. All data is federated according to the individual manager access rights.

Storefront nodes follow the same principle and can serve either single web site or multiple web sites .

Figure A



Our whitepaper gives an overview of the platform, its goals and technical background.

Live demo store


Have a look at our fully functional open source version demo store that shows all features in action:

Demo store

Or take a peek at our enterprise flavour, that provides even more features and better performance metrics:

Enterprise demo store

How much it is?


Community version is absolutely free to use and is licensed under Apache v.2.0 - simply get the project from the source control system and get wild.

Be sure to mark kudos to us in the website footer in the following format: 

Powered by <a href="" traget="_blank">YC - pur<sup>e</sup>Commerce</a>

For Bill of Materials please refer to documentation of the specific version.

For advanced modulesprofessional services and support, or if you get stuck and need some advice you can always contact us using form on official site.

We also offer Enterprise flavour of the platform for customers with more demanding performance criteria and customers wishing to engage in B2B operations. Please contact us if you require more information using form on official site.

What is the project status at the moment?


Project is in active development. The current version is 3.6.3 GA released in Q4 2019.


Planned releases

Current version releases roadmap can be found here.

If you would like to contact us directly please use contact form on the official site. The project is in active development and our team continues to bring amazing new features and improvements. You can review current state of events in our public jira . All feature requests are welcome but please leave enough details for them to be considered.


Where to start?



If you have not yet explored demo or enterprise demo those are good places to start to get aquatinted with the storefront. You can also request access to admin app via contact form.

Then you can simply get the project from GitHub and have a play with it. Guide for basic installation can be found in documentation for specific version (see documentation section below). 

Decided that our platform is the right choice and need a competent team of professionals to make your dream store come true? Don't hesitate and contact us.

Have questions or would like to contribute?


Since we moved GitHub it is super easy to contribute to the project. All you need is to fork (, implement your desired features and then send us a pull request. We will review your feature and make it part of the official release.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us using contact form on official site or post an question to our google group

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