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Java Angular Manager (JAM) is the mission control centre for the platform. No matter what device you use desktop, tablet or mobile you are always in control of your shop with full featured functionality on all devices

JAM has built-in data federation mechanism though roles and shop assignments, thus depending on the user access rights JAM will grant access only to relevant business management functions and data keeping access to sensitive data fully under control with ease. 

Each section of menu is grouped to provide a focused view of specific business area, such as marketing, CMS, catalog management etc. Although some data editors cover complex features due to the broad functional scope UI layout and components use common style and positioning as well as providing numerous hits in terms of help tips and validation message, which makes experience with JAM intuitive and reduces the learning curve.

Please watch our "Admin app basics" workshop to get an overview of the admin app.

We recommend reviewing documentation below to get more insight into specifics of functional areas covered:  

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