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Operations section of Admin app allows business user to perform various activities around data managements to expedite some of the complex updates or enable them to perform non-standard tasks.

Operations menu contains numerous tools at your disposal to allow:

  • Manual import to quickly update crucial information
  • Manual exports to extract valuable insights from the data
  • Manipulate search indexes to quickly propagate changes to the storefront
  • Review and fix payment failures  SaaS 
  • Clean up catalog data SaaS 
  • Clone shops  SaaS  to quickly create them from templates (i.e. speed up shop setup)
  • Remove shop  SaaS to clean all the data (customers, orders, prices etc) from the platform
  • Transfer shop  SaaS to move all shop data (customers, orders etc) from one shop to another
  • Remove fulfilment centres SaaS  to clean the data (centre information, inventory etc)

Many of the above operations allow quick and convenient way of operating the business without tedious manual processes and notorious low level API access (e.g. database level  clean ups). All operations are straightforward with multiple options to control exactly what you wish to do.

Import and Export


More information on Import and Export (ImpEx) functionality can be found in dedicated section for manual impex.

Search Index


Search index is the foundation for search and navigation of all shops hosted on the platform.

The index contains pre-built information for all offers available to the shop factoring in configurations of: accessibility of catalog where products are assigned, availability defined in inventory and current shop price list configurations. It is at the point of building the index these otherwise separate concerns combine in order to provide full view of the offers available in any given shop.

Sometimes it is required to re-build this index on ad-hoc basis. E.g. an import of data has been re-triggered manually and we want new information to become available as soon as possible.

More details can be obtained here.

Payment Failures  SaaS 


It is not uncomment that callbacks from online payment gateways can fail for numerous reasons. Detecting these situations is crucial for a good customer service. Payment gateway callback is an essential step in the online payment fulfilment flow without which the order will remain in a temporary state.

Unprocessed callbacks sections allow to triage all callbacks received by the system that resulted in an error. The callbacks can be either replayed (e.g. failure was due to SSL certificate that was updated, so all is needed is to re-send the callback) or accepted "as is" in case of more complex problems that will take time to resolve. 

Shop managers are alerted of payment problems immediately via dashboard widget and can resolve the issues quickly thus expediting order fulfilment process.

More details can be obtained here.

Catalog bulk operations  SaaS 


In projects that contain PIM integration it is often the case that data imported becomes dirty over time, especially catalog data. This is due to the fact that in most cases although bulk of the data is imported many adjustments are made on the platform. This may quickly create a disparity in PIM data versus manually entered data.

Catalog bulk operations aim to provide set of tools to keep category data clean.

More on the subject can be found here.

Shop bulk operations  SaaS 


In multi-tenant setups it is very important to be able to quickly setup a new shop or manipulate its data. In order to speed up such processes shop bulk operations offer a number of tools that include:

  • Cloning of a shop to create new shops from an example in few clicks
  • Transferring shop data (in case shops merge)
  • Removing the shop and all of its data

More information on shop operations is here.

Fulfilment centre bulk operations  SaaS 


Fulfilment centre are essential tool for managing shop offers in terms of pricing, availability and fulfilment options. Therefore managing fulfilment centres effectively and in a timely fashion is essential.

Fulfilment centre bulk operations allows to manage bulk updates on fulfilment centres and inventory to ensure that businesses can react quickly to ever changing market.

More on fulfilment centre bulk operations here.

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