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Remove category branch  SaaS 


In automated daily updates setup when PIM data is feed into the platform category structure may get quickly miss-aligned. Categories can get removed or renamed, or products within the categories can be moved other categories thus leaving them empty. For large sites this presents a problem since triaging thousands of categories on daily basis is a notorious task.

Another use case is when a whole branch of categories needs to be removed and disassociated from products. For example a "Sale X" category may have been created to temporarily give customer easy access to a set of products. After the sale finished and this category no longer needed it may be tedious to remove all associations to products and sub categories (if there were any).

Remove category branch operation allows to scan a category branch and remove the categories. It can do so in different ways depending on options selected:

  • Remove products (only products assigned to this branch will be removed) flag allows to specify if categories and products assigned to these categories should be removed together. This could be useful for cases when a whole range of products is being removed from site. Because products can be assigned to multiple categories only products that are assigned to exactly this category that is being removed will be removed in this mode. This is done to prevent accidental removal of products and also allow functionality of removing just categories as was the case in "Sale X" use case above.
  • Keep non empty (only categories that do not have products assigned will be removed) flag allows to enable a mode where by categories that do have products assigned are preserved, which allows to quickly scan large category hierarchies and remove all empty categories
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