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Overview  SaaS  3.7.0+ 


Sometimes call centre staff needs to assist the customers in placing the order or encouraging the sale.

In order to achieve this sales staff can operate in Admin app, however to improve the experience and allow sales staff to see it "through the eyes of customers" they also login into frontend.

In order to allow this feature the shop must have:

  • SHOP_SF_LOGIN_MANAGER attribute set to true
  • All managers' accounts that should be allowed to login as customers must have ROLE_SMCALLCENTERLOGINSF role.
  • All managers' accounts that should be allowed to register customers must have ROLE_SMCALLCENTERREGISTERCUSTOMER role.
  • Manager account email must be unique (i.e. No customer account should exist with the same email)

Assistance options

Review details

Logging in as a manager grants access to single menu option initially "Customers" where a manager can search for the customer account they wish to login on behalf of.

All manager accounts that should be allowed to login on behalf of customers must have ROLE_SMCALLCENTERLOGINONBEHALF role.

Manager has full feature access to all capabilities that the customer would have, including placing orders. In case of placing orders an audit record is saved with the order, noting the manager's name and email.

YCE Customer Assistance: assistance "on behalf" ( 3:35 )
Overview of customer assistance features

Managed lists


Managed lists allow a manager who has logged in on behalf of customer to save currently populated cart as a special wish list, referred to as managed list.

Creation of managed list triggers an email notification (managedlist-created) to the customer that a managed list had been created for them.

When customer follows the link specified in an email (or clicks on managed list on the cart page) they are able to review this list and either add it to cart or reject it.

If customer adds the list to cart the items in the order will retain reference to the original list. The list itself will be removed as soon as the order will get into processing (more specifically into os.pending state).

If customer chooses to reject the list it is removed and an email notification  (adm-managedlist-rejected) is sent to the manager who created this list originally.

In order to use this feature:

  • Manager accounts must have ROLE_SMCALLCENTERCREATEMANAGEDLISTS role.
  • Customer they logged in on behalf of should have correct customer type for which shop attribute: SHOP_SF_MANAGED_LIST_TYPES must be activated.

YCE Customer Assistance: managed lists (a.k.a. email recommendations) ( 5:10 )
Overview of recommendations via email

Register new customers

In some shop setups it is desired to restrict direct registration from the frontend by customers (e.g. special verification required or shop is only for internal use). In order to help shop managers expedite registration process they are able to use registration form features even without declaring supported customer types. Declared customer types would be available to managers to complete the registration process with a single form that contain full set of fields required for a complete profile of required customer type.

In order to use this feature manager account must have ROLE_SMCALLCENTERREGISTERCUSTOMER role assigned, which will enable all declared registrations forms (see Cookbook - Forms Management for more information). All forms will be available even without listing them in SHOP_CUSTOMER_TYPES, which makes them hidden for regular customers.

Note the you cannot register the following types as a manager: EMAILB2G and MGR, which are reserved internal types.

YCE Customer Assistance: hidden types customer registration ( 3:41 )
Overview of customer assistance features

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