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The platform is build with closed-open principle: closed for modification ensuring that core system is stable and well refined and open to extension or customisation of the behaviour.

Configuration panel is a registry of all the extension points that are available with indications of what customisations are enabled for which targets (designation) and instructions on how to configure specific extensions.

Configurations can be enhancements or an alternative implementation of various services exposed through extension points throughout modules of the platform.

Each configuration declares is own way of extending the platform, mostly via SYSTEM[SYSTEM_EXTENSION_CFG_PROPERTIES] but in few cases exposing own preferences for configuration specific parameters. Full details on how each configuration should be set is given by the configuration information panel.

Because configuration can radically change behaviour of the system they do not have active listeners. In other words all configurations are determined and preconfigured at the server start up. In order to apply new configurations "Reload configurations" button must be explicitly clicked when it is safe to do so. 

 It is recommended to evict cache before using "Reload" button to ensure that all cached system preferences are taken afresh.

Configurations which are not used will have a grey label colour and configuration which are currently active will have a blue label against them. Active configurations will also have designation, which shows what objects it was enabled. The type of designation object will depend on the configuration.

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