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SLA type Calculation Method 

Allows to specify fixed price per delivery.
Overall cost calculation is: fixed price x number of deliveries in order

Free Tells the system that there are no cost associated with delivering this item. This could be used for digital deliveries or "collect from store". 
Weight & Volume

Determines appropriate delivery cost by calculating weight and/or volume of products in cart (using product's custom attributes PRODUCT_WEIGHT_KG and PRODUCT_VOLUME_M3 respectively).
Overall cost calculation is: price @ quantity tier where (tier is either total weight in KG or volume in M3) 

External Extension point, not used by core API  



The cost is deemed as 0 for the purpose of basket calculation and shipping is annotated with "#OFFLINE#" promotion tag on shipping price. This tag is then used to hide elements from the checkout screens and email templates. In Admin the shipping cost are also hidden to denote that they are not parts of the order calculation.

This method should be used when calculation of the shipping cost has complex logistics e.g. base rate within city + additional price per km beyond the city borders and in addition to this weight and volume implications

For free shipping as promotion we recommend using "Fixed" SLA type and then specify 100% discount promotion for order value greater than zero. This will provide additional promotional messaging to encourage the customer.