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Each template line has buttons that correspond to the content elements that can be overwritten in CMS to provide shop specific rendering of the template. Overwritten templates will be shown as blue, default ones will remain grey. All buttons are clickable. When clicking on the button normal CMS mode is enabled with filter set to the URI of the content to override. You can copy this URI to define new content in CMS to overwrite the defaults. If you disable the CMS content the email template reverts to defaults.

Configuring recipients and suppressing emails


By default all emails are sent to shop admin email specified in the shop attributes. In SaaS edition of the platform shop has three additional attributes:




Mail: Shop admin email map 

Allows to define emails of recipients of email for specific template 

For example snippet below allows to direct new orders to fulfilment department and all confirmed payment notifications to accounting.

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Mail: Shop admin email CC map 

Allows to define additional recipients, so that copies of email can be sent. This is especially useful for reseller sites, where copy of confirmed order is sent to the fulfilment company 

For example which configuration below copies of new and confirmed orders are sent to (Note that an email is also sent to recipients in "Mail: Shop admin email map" as usual or to "Shop admin email" if not specified)

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Mail: Shop customer disabled emails map 

Allows to suppress email notifications to customers. This is useful when you wish to disable some email notifications. 

For example the following configuration disabled all shipping notifications:

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