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Please watch our workshop for importing demo data, which clearly displays steps necessary for importing demo data onto a fresh installation on YC.

By default the platform installation has YesShop shop, which is used as a "sandbox". This shop is the primary target for the demo data, so all configurations will be linked to this shop in some way or another. 

Developers and business user can use this shop as guideline (or an example) of sensible configurations to run a basic shop.

We do not recommend loading demo data into production systems as it is not suitable for this type of environment.

Developing with YC 3.3.x+ ( 6:38 )
Part 2: Loading demo data



(tick) Ensure that you have a running storefront and admin webapps (you can run it in standalone Tomcat if you followed from source guide or from within Intellij IDEA if you followed this guide

Ensure that you downloaded demo data import zips for the version you are using. It is part of the project source files located in (env/sampledata/demo-data/). You can download these straight from github as well.
You will need the following files:

  • yc-idea/env/sampledata/demo-data/yc/import/
  • yc-idea/env/sampledata/demo-data/icecat/import/import-EN,DE,UK,
  • yc-idea/env/sampledata/demo-data/icecat/import/import-EN,DE,UK,
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