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Enabling new language in Storefront


Storefront and REST API are using Java SDK resource bundles to support localisations. Therefore the task of enabling new interface language requires:

  • Provision of locale specific property files
  • Configuration of LanguageService Spring bean
  • Optionally Enabling language for shop in Admin App
  • Optionally Configure language specific email templates

Locale specific property files


All property files for interface are located in theme specific directories:


With above configurations French will become available to shops by default. To suppress use of this language it is possible to specify explicitly which languages are available in shop configurations in Admin App.

Configure language specific email templates


Recommended approach for email templates configuration is via CMS. For more details on email see theme documentation.


  • adm-cant-allocate-product-qty_fr.html
  • adm-cant-allocate-product-qty_fr.txt